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  • How Do I Find a Translated Book?

    · By Cathryn Bergman

    If you're looking for a way to improve your understanding of different cultures, then reading translated books is a great option. By reading books that have been originally written in another language, you'll gain insights into the perspectives of people from other countries. You'll also learn about new customs and traditions, and you may even find yourself picking up a few new words along the way. And of course, reading translated books can also be a great way to enjoy some fantastic literature that you might not have otherwise had access to. Where to Look for Translated Books Due to...

  • What are Independent Book Publishers?

    · By Cathryn Bergman

    So what are independent publishers? As the name suggests, these are publishing houses that are not owned by any large conglomerate. Instead, they are run by individuals or groups who have a passion for books and publishing. This gives independent publishers a unique perspective and often results in the publication of more innovative works being published. While it may not seem like it, these publishers actually make up a large portion of the publishing industry. The Importance of Independent Publishers Independent publishing companies are an important part of the publishing industry because they provide a variety of different titles and...

  • 5 Benefits of Reading Books Before Bed

    · By Cathryn Bergman

    When settling down at night it’s easy to switch on the TV or play on your phone rather than picking up a book. As easy as that is, we should really be thinking twice, especially when you consider the benefits of reading. What are the Benefits of Reading? There are a lot of reasons why reading is so good for us, and the benefits of reading dont just stop with how gratifying it is to finish a book despite your busy schedule. It can expand your mind, help you relax, make you more creative and even improve your sleep! In...

  • Why You Should Support Your Local Bookstore

    · By Cathryn Bergman

    It can be tempting to choose the speedy option of ordering books online in the era of Amazon Prime's next-day shipping, but nothing will ever truly replace the experience of entering a carefully curated bookstore and knowing that you are helping a local business. Whether it be through the lense of a woman author, a German children's author or something else super unique, local bookstores offer selections that chains and online selling options do not or cannot.  Knowledgeable Staff The majority of locally owned bookstores are carefully curated by the owners and staff. This suggests that those who work there...

  • Clevo Books in Downtown Cleveland

    · By Cathryn Bergman

    Now open in downtown Cleveland, Clevo Books offers a unique selection of reading material you won’t often find in any other local bookstore. Clevo Books specializes in translated, foreign books from world-renowned authors and master storytellers. Our selection of translated books is sure to have something for every reader! Translated Books We include translated books from authors all over the world in both fiction and nonfiction, as well as all sorts of genres, from children’s books to novels, and more! The translation of our foreign books keeps the voice and heart of the author apparent in the book, so that...

  • How I Found My First Project and Its Title

    · By Marc Lansley

    I came to translation later in life. I had just failed miserably in a business and was looking for my next adventure. I discovered that Kent State University had a Master of Arts degree in translation studies and I was fluent in German. I graduated from the program in 2007 at the age of 36, with experience translating portions of two non-fiction books.