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Clevo Books is more than just a bookstore. Clevo Books is also a boutique publisher that specializes in translating books from different languages into English. Our boutique publishing company focuses on producing high-quality books for niche audiences. We understand the importance of creating a platform for authors to share their ideas and words and wanted to create one with our independent publishing.

Included in our boutique publishing, we also have two imprints specializing in cookbooks and books about crime, Culina and Auguste Crime.

We currently have one published work under our boutique publishing company, Clevo Books, and two more coming soon. Culina has two cookbooks available now, and Auguste Crime has three crime books ready to read. All have more titles coming on the way, so find out more about them below!

Clevo Books Published Works:

Going Back By Andrea von Treuenfeld

Going Back: 16 Jewish women tell their life storie ....
von Treuenfeld, Andrea and Siegal-Bergman, Cathryn S

Coming Soon:

Mischpoke by Clevo Books

Small Important Things by Clevo Books


Culina is an exceptional platform that offers a range of the best international cookbooks featuring unique recipes from diverse cultures around the world. Our imprint platform prides itself on curating international cookbooks from around the world that represent cultural identity through the lens of food. These cookbooks focus on the traditions, customs, and lifestyles of the people who have created these delicious dishes, and how to cook them!

Uniquely Delicious Recipes from International Cookbooks

Each cookbook is thoughtfully crafted to inspire food lovers and chefs of different levels. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or just starting out, these cookbooks will take your taste buds on an incredible journey around the world while offering a deeper insight into different cultures and their culinary heritage.

Provence by Murielle Rousseau

Rousseau, Murielle and Standley, Michelle

Korea by Sarah Henke

Henke, Sarah

Coming Soon:

Masel Tov by Liv Fleischhacker and Lucas Grossman

Drinking, With Kids by Culina Cookbooks

Auguste Crime

Auguste Crime specializes in publishing exceptional thrillers, mysteries and crime books. With a primary focus on translated works from German, our collection of crime books offers readers a glimpse into the intrigue and minds of captivating characters, superbly crafted plots, and well-executed twists.

Compelling Books
About Crime

Currently, Auguste Crime has three published titles and we are excited to have two more crime books on the way. With our growing selection of books about crime, readers can continue to expect to read more nail-biting, page-turner books coming up!

The Lost Son by Ellen Dunne

The Lost Son
Dunne, Ellen and Standley, Michelle and Siegal-Bergman, Cathryn

Fade to Black by Zoë Beck

Fade To Black
Beck, Zoë and Reynolds, Rachel

The Last Ferry at Five by Günter Wendt

The Last Ferry Left at Five
Wendt, Günther and Reynolds, Rachel

The Missing Professor by Andrea Instone

Coming Soon:

Pontescuro by Luca Ragagnan

Storm by Laub Uwe

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