If you’re an avid reader, you’ve likely been transported to far-off lands and gotten a glimpse of other cultures through the written word. However, have you considered the unique perspective that graphic novels translated from other languages can offer? More than just language barriers, different cultures can shape stories and art in meaningful ways. We’ll explore the wealth of graphic novels available from around the world, highlighting how they invite us to experience diverse customs, traditions, and perspectives.

Lost in TranslationA man holds open a graphic novel with a stack of more right beside him

To paraphrase a well-known phrase, sometimes words in translation get lost in the sauce. Translating written works from one language to another presents inherent challenges, particularly when it comes to picking up on the nuances of storytelling in different cultures. In graphic novels, however, the illustrations offer visual cues that help bridge the gap and ensure we aren’t missing critical details. For example, ‘Persepolis’, a French graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, tells a story of a young girl growing up in Islamic Iran. The images offer deep insight into Iranian life and culture in a way that would be hard to capture through words alone.

Visual Storytelling Transcends Borders

One universal characteristic of these novels is that they allow creators to tell stories without regard for borders or language barriers. This feature is particularly powerful because it gives readers the chance to experience different cultures and worldviews without leaving their own living room.

The Power of Visual Language

In many cultures, storytelling has a rich tradition of being passed down through visual media such as art, hieroglyphs, and pictograms. Visual novels tap into this tradition to convey stories in a way that transcends language barriers. This is especially true for readers who are not fluent in the languages represented in their books.

A Wealth of Perspectives

Graphic novels from different cultures do more than just introduce readers to customs and practices that are unique to a particular country. They also offer diverse perspectives on universal themes like love, loss, and identity.

Bring Stories to Life

Part of the joy of reading graphic novels is the depth that clever illustrations contribute to the story. Drawings provide readers with details about the setting, characters, and moods in ways that words alone can’t match. One of the most unique features of these novels is the ability to bring magical worlds to life in a way that is visually spectacular.

Gain Cultural Insights

Whether reading graphic novels translated from other languages or from different regions of your native tongue, you gain valuable insights into the world’s cultures. Other countries’ complex histories, traditions, and values are woven into the narratives, providing you with insight that you may not get from other sources. For example, ‘Blankets,’ a graphic novel by American author Craig Thompson, examines the role of religion and faith in America’s Midwest, which can be difficult to grasp without having experienced the region’s sense of religious identity firsthand.

Support Independent Publishers

Reading visual novels translated from other languages inevitably means exploring works offered by small presses and independent publishers. When you do so, you’re not only venturing into worlds unknown but also supporting underrepresented voices.

Engage with Unique Art Styles

Art is a powerful form of expression, and graphic novels demonstrate this magnificently. The art styles in different cultures can vary widely, offering readers a wide variety of visual experiences to enjoy. From bold and colorful to minimalist and subdued, graphic novels from around the world showcase a range of unique styles that will keep you turning the pages for hours on end.

Discover New Genres and ThemesA woman holds open a book from a stand full of graphic novels

Graphic novels are known for telling unique stories that break the mold, and this is no different when exploring works translated from other languages. You’ll encounter a vast range of genres – fantasy, sci-fi, memoirs, biographies – which may not have been your go-to before. With each new storyline and art style, you may discover something new about yourself and others.

Embark on a Multilingual Adventure

In conclusion, graphic novels translated from different languages offer readers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse cultures and perspectives. From the detailed illustrations to the engaging storytelling, there’s so much to discover and learn from these works. Who knows what adventures await! So, let’s embark on a multilingual adventure and dive into the wonderful world of graphic novels from around the globe.

Where to get Started

To help jumpstart your journey into graphic novels from different languages, here are some recommendations to get you started:

Donald’s Happiest Adventures

  • Lewis Trondheim
  • Translated from French

The Reddest Rose

  • Liv Strömquist
  • Translated from Swedish

Fruit of Knowledge

  • Liv Strömquist
  • Translated from Swedish

Legends of the Pierced Veil

  • Saverio Tenuta
  • Translated from Japanese

We’re all just fine

  • Ana Penyas
  • Translated from Spanish


  • Erik Svetoft
  • Translated from Swedish

Mystery Club (Wild Werewolves) (Mummy Mischief)

  • Davide Cali
  • Yannick Robert
  • Translated from French

These are just a few suggestions, and there are countless other graphic novels out there waiting to be explored.

Keep Expanding Your Horizons

Books translated from other languages are an exceptional way to broaden your cultural horizons and see the world through a fresh perspective. They speak to the power of visual storytelling to transcend barriers, languages, and borders. When you invest the time in picking up one of these novels, you can expect that you will leave with a better understanding of the world’s cultures and be immersed in the different experiences that shape our lives. So, take a chance on a new world to explore – pick up a translated graphic novel today!

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