Reading slumps can happen anytime to the best, brightest, and most avid readers or book lovers. If you’re looking for some ways to get out of your reading rut, we’ll be listing some ways you can get back into a good, new read!

What Is a Reading Slump? For Both Fiction and Nonfiction Readers

A reading slump is a phase in which you have little to no interest… Whether it’s your all-time favorite fiction or non-fiction series. You’re just stuck. Reading slumps are annoying because you might want to read, but everything seems to tear your attention away from the words. Even when you try, your brain stubbornly shuts down. Does this sound familiar? If so, we’ve got some tips on how you can get out of your reading slump and back into a good book!

What Causes Reading Slumps?

Young boy looking stressed next to pile of booksThere are different reasons why some fiction and nonfiction texts may have you feeling stuck or repelled at the mere thought of picking them up. Reading slumps can happen for the following reasons:

Burn Out

Physical or mental stress can affect everything, including your reading appetite. Burnout happens when you try to juggle too much simultaneously without rest. For a reader, it might be trying to read heavy fiction and nonfiction books concurrently.

Unsavory Reading Material

Reading texts that are either too long or boring for your taste can leave you unwilling to continue. Whether it’s fiction books of the same genre or seemingly never-ending non-fiction material, it can suck you into the slump quicksand.

Little or No Time

Life can be unpredictable, no matter how much of a book lover you are. You might get a new job or take on a new responsibility. Anything that causes a drastic change in your life can push you into a reading slump.

How Can You Get Out of Reading Slumps?

Here are five practical tips to get you out of a reading slump, no matter which genre you tend to like the most.

1. Don’t Force It!

If you’re stressed out, get some rest. Quit trying to force yourself to read. Let your brain rest from all the sensory overload. You could do other things to relax, like hiking, podcasting, meditating, or even some Netflix binge-watching. It’ll allow your mind to miss reading and rekindle your appetite.

2. Go Back to Your Favorites

Boy laying on floor reading a book happilySometimes, you need a jolt from one of your favorite reads. They could be a mix of fiction and nonfiction. As long as you enjoyed reading them in the past, you might rekindle your appetite by going back to one or more of them.

3. Try Something Different

Routine can get dull! So, try spicing things up a bit with variety.

Try a different book. Read in a new spot. Use another format; it could be an e-book instead of a paperback, or, try a new genre altogether.

4. Read Shorter Books

You may dislike non-fiction books, but might read them for one reason or another. Try your hand at shorter books. Reading short non-fiction texts, like biographies, can help you beat the slump.

5. Join a Book Club

When all else fails, join a book club. It could be a different one from the one you already belong to. Consider clubs with interest in both fiction and nonfiction. Reading with others can motivate you to pick up your book again.

Get Back to Your Favorite Fiction and Nonfiction Books Today!

Reading slumps are frustrating and can last from weeks to years. Knowing why you got into one can help you apply these tips. If you need new titles, check out Clevo Books online store or call (216) 354-5354 for scintillating reads and translated books from around the world!

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