When settling down at night it’s easy to switch on the TV or play on your phone rather than picking up a book. As easy as that is, we should really be thinking twice, especially when you consider the benefits of reading.

What are the Benefits of Reading?

There are a lot of reasons why reading is so good for us, and the benefits of reading dont just stop with how gratifying it is to finish a book despite your busy schedule. It can expand your mind, help you relax, make you more creative and even improve your sleep! In a world flooded by tech and social media, taking a step back and enjoying the analog entertainment of reading can improve our lives a lot.

1. Improving Knowledge and Learning New Things.

Most folks are constantly looking for ways to learn new skills, or learn about their own interests. There are thousands of books on just as many different topics, like cooking, taxes, the civil war, crafting and more. You can easily pick up a new hobby, or deepen your knowledge of an existing one by reading before bed for 10-20 minutes.

2. Relaxing and Reducing Stress

Man laying with child and wife reading book One of the biggest benefits of reading is how much of a role it plays in the reduction of stress after a long day. When you read, your mind is focused on the story or information in the book, which can help to clear away any distractions or worries that may be on your mind. Additionally, reading can also help to improve your mood and promote an overall sense of calmness. This can be especially helpful if you struggle with anxiety or insomnia. Ultimately, spending some time reading before bed can help you to get a better night’s sleep and feel more refreshed in the morning.

3. Improving Focus, Memory, and Creativity

People often believe that reading before bed can help improve your memory. This may be because it allows you to relax and clear your mind before going to sleep, which in turn can help you remember the material you read better. Furthermore, research has shown that reading can also help improve focus and creativity. One of the many benefits of reading regularly is that you may find it easier to focus on tasks and come up with new ideas.

4. Improve Vocabulary and Writing Skills

2 children with their mother reading in bedWhen you read, you are exposed to new words and phrases. In a world of short form communication and getting information across to a viewer as fast as possible, we tend to forgo certain words, and therefore can lose the ability to use them altogether. Additionally, reading can help improve your writing skills by providing examples of how sentences can be structured correctly, and even artistically. Before long, you will likely start to see the benefits of reading regularly showing up in unexpected places like emails and even texts!

5. Reading Before Bed Can Make You Sleepy

Finally, one of the benefits of reading before bed is that it can help you to settle down and make you sleepy. It’s a great way to relax your mind and body before sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, reading before bed may be a good option for you. Make sure to choose a book that’s calming and relaxing, so you don’t get too excited before bed. Try to avoid anything that’s likely to keep you up reading late into the night, such as a horror or mystery book. Reading is one of the most calming and relaxing activities you can do before bed, so it’s worth giving it a try. Who knows, you may just find that it’s the key to a good night’s sleep!

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