Cleveland, OH — On the heels of publishing her biographical nonfiction book, Going Back by Andrea von Treuenfeld, independent publisher Clevo Books is also launching a new imprint. Culina Cookbooks are devoted to publishing international books about food and food production, especially cookbooks.

In the spring, Culina will bring three new cookbooks from Christian Verlag in Germany to the English reading market. Provence by Murielle Rousseau is a loving tribute to the French region with 80 recipes, that offers an opportunity to tour southeastern France through the beautiful images and descriptions. It’s the perfect cookbook for an international staycation.

Sarah Henke, a Michelin-starred chef in Germany, explores her native country of Korea for the first time since her adoption at an early age. As she tours the country, she documents her journey of self-discovery. But Korea: My Culinary Homecoming isn’t just a travel diary, it’s also a cookbook with 60 authentic Korean recipes.

Mazel Tov by Liv Fleischhacker and Lukas Grossman is a collection of recipes from Jewish chefs around the world, who’ve updated traditional recipes with modern twists. Readers may be familiar with Molly Yeh and Adeena Sussman, but this book also celebrates chefs from Germany (Ardinast brothers), England (Jacob Kenedy), and Israel (Gil Havov), among others.

“We’re really excited about curating cookbooks that offer more than just new cooking ideas,” says publisher Cathryn Siegal-Bergman, “we’re really looking for books that allow people to explore their own or completely new cultures, while living in the modern world that is ever more interconnected.”

Clevo Books is an independent publisher located in Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in translated works from Germany that explore cultural identity. She is a graduate of the Kent State University Translation Studies M.A. program and has translated several nonfiction books.

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