Now open in downtown Cleveland, Clevo Books offers a unique selection of reading material you won’t often find in any other local bookstore. Clevo Books specializes in translated, foreign books from world-renowned authors and master storytellers. Our selection of translated books is sure to have something for every reader!

Translated Books

We include translated books from authors all over the world in both fiction and nonfiction, as well as all sorts of genres, from children’s books to novels, and more! The translation of our foreign books keeps the voice and heart of the author apparent in the book, so that nothing is lost in translation and you can enjoy the book and story just the way the author intended.

Books in translation offer insights to cultures and ideas that may not have otherwise been accessible to audiences in the U.S. Cultural competence is important for any nation, and through our connections with one another, we can make the world seem a little bit smaller once we understand each other.

Featured Authors

Clevo Books features authors from all around the world in various languages. Although not exclusively, we do like to feature female authors as much as possible. Clevo Books makes sure to include every author we can, and promote lesser known authors that local Clevelanders might not be aware of.

Translated books in the U.S. only comprise 3-4% of the book market. Out of that small percentage, even less female authors are represented, so we wanted to create a place that represents these authors! Translated books share cultural knowledge and awareness that might not have been otherwise recognized elsewhere. The more we understand other cultures, the more we understand our own, and so Clevo Books presents books and stories from all over the globe. There are so many great books and stories from around the world, and we won’t let the language barrier keep us from enjoying the wonderful works of others!

Our Location

Come visit our brick and mortar bookstore in downtown Cleveland within the 5th Street Arcades! Enmeshed with the culture of downtown Cleveland, Clevo Books seeks to connect Northeast Ohio with stories from the rest of the world.

Our bookstore is filled to the ceiling with translated books and is lined with comfy couches and chairs for you to settle into! Enjoy the bustling downtown culture while sitting safe and warm in our cozy shop with a great book and then visit our neighboring shops to see all that downtown Cleveland has to offer. Come browse our selection of books from each different continent!

Gear and Accessories

In addition to all of our translated books and imported authors, we have merchandise and accessories to show your Cleveland pride! Flaunt the Cleveland skyline featured on several different products we have, including fanny packs, belts, clothing, water bottles, and more!

Clevo Books wants to celebrate Cleveland culture and history, so come celebrate with us!

Explore Our Worldly Literature!

Clevo Books is now open in downtown Cleveland! Come visit our physical location within the 5th Street Arcades to discover a world of stories you might not have known about before! Uncover hidden gems that aren’t typically offered in retail or online book stores, and delve into cultures and new ideas that will expand your knowledge and awareness!

Or, find a fun story to burrow into and escape the world for a while! Clevo Books has a selection of books for you to browse that will have something for everyone. Visit our website by clicking here!

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We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

530 Euclid Ave #45a Downtown Cleveland, OH 44115