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  • Interview with Andrea von Treuenfeld (Going Back)

    · By Marc Lansley

    In the early days of sharing information about “Going Back” by Andrea von Treuenfeld, everyone had questions for the author that they posed to me. I then compiled a list of those questions and sent them to Ms. von Treuenfeld who graciously responded to them.

  • Bela Cukierman describes fleeing to Shanghai in 1940

    · By Marc Lansley

    We left in September 1940. We went through Poland first, then continued on the Trans-Siberian Railway, then by land to Harbin. We went from there to the coast and then to Shanghai by ship. We arrived around Christmas time, but our travels were not uninterrupted—there were also stops. My mother spoke of Lake Baikal and of the infinite tediousness on the train as well. In Poland and Russia, there were Jewish groups who came to the train station and took us into their homes. This allowed my mother to bathe me or my parents could sleep.

  • Going Back To Their Homeland?

    · By Marc Lansley

    “Going Back” is a collection of autobiographical stories from German-Jewish refugees documented by Andrea von Treuenfeld, published by Clevo Books in Spring, 2018. The book tells the stories of 16 Jewish women who fled Nazi Germany and their decisions to return to live in their original homeland years later.